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TIFFY View (Java™ Edition) is a modern, platform-independent application to view and print images of the following formats: TIFF, BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG. It can be used on any system where a Java™ Virtual Machine is available, e.g. Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000/XP etc., MacOS, OS/2, Solaris, LINUX and some PDAs (Pocket PCs). The program is extremely speed optimized and was rated by the Java Applet Rating Service (JARS) as "Top 5%" applet.

Screenshot Tiffy View
Using high speed Virtual Machines with JIT-compiler ,TIFFY View (Java™ Edition) catches up with high speed image processors in native code without the dependency to a specific platform. It leverages the power of the underlying Java™ Virtual Machine and operating system (32 or even 64 bit, modern graphic subsystem and printer drivers etc.).

Usable as a standalone application conform to the "100% pure Java™ concept", TIFFY gives you best safety for your investment in a modern information infrastructure. Alternatively the program can be run as a Java applet in any Java™ capable web browser to extend standard internet/intranet technology with a powerful component for electronic document management.

Optimized to be included into document management systems

Much effort was spent to increase speed and reduce resource consumption, so TIFFY View is recommended also for professional applications handling extremely huge images. This was achieved by packed data storage and special resampling/scaling and dithering algorithms. Several implementations already use TIFFY as viewer in combination with FileNET image archives. Please contact the author for special libraries references and conditions.

Open dialog with preview

Emphasis was put on comfort using TIFFY: A powerful preview function in the filemanager with additional file information and a delete function helps you managing big archives. When the image is loaded all common key and mouse functions are available to navigate and zoom in/out.

Smooth scaling (antialiasing)   In professional document management line drawings and scanned text documents are usually stored in TIFF format with CCITT Fax group 4 compression. TIFFY View decodes these images extremely fast. Optional antialiasing improves the display quality significantly: Pixels lost during down-scaling are included as grayscale information in surrounding pixels. Text remains readable through several reduction steps, horizontal / vertical lines do not get lost. For bilevel (black/white) images the program contains graylevel scaling code that is approx. 50 times faster than the standard Java methods for image scaling.

Several control parameters can be passed to the application on the commandline or as named parameters on a web page. This allows you to extend existing image oriented applications easily. Developers of other Java™ based applications can make use of TIFFY as a Java class or bean. A special TIFFY Toolkit (for the Java™ platform) is available to extend your own application with the power of TIFFY´s class library.

print dialog

Images viewed on the screen can be sent directly to any printer supported by your operating system. Size, area and position are adjusted using a comfortable printer dialog. Depending on the configuration of your web browser, printing is also avialable in intranet-/internet based applications.

TIFFY View offers in the open dialog as well as in the slideshow selection dialog an option to view and select the images of a directory from a thumbnail catalog. From this selection (e.g. photos and movies of a digital camera) TIFFY can create easily a HTML based web presentation with an index, album, slideshows and movies (see also example 5 below).

Preview with thumbnail catalog

Fuctions in detail:

Supported image file formats: TIFF, BMP, GIF, JPEG and PNG
Supported TIFF compressions: Packbits, CCITT Gr. 3, Fax Gr. 3 and Fax Gr. 4, LZW
Supported color depths: 1 Bit (black/white), 4 Bit (16 colors/graylevels), 8 Bit (256 colors/graylevels) and 24 Bit (16,7 mio. colors), transparency
View functions: Scrolling (using cursor control keys, scrollbars, grabhand), zooming (+/- keys, menufunctions or drawing a rectangular area), antialiasing, annotations (redlining), rotation (90/180/270°), invert, mirroring, fullscreen slideshow
Print functions: Optimized to page size, arbitrary area/size/position, 1:1; printing with high resolutions (>72 dpi) with MS Internet Explorer is supported as well, print preview
Special functions Open dialog with preview and thumbnail catalog function, creation of web presentations

Cropping, transformation and editing functions coming soon.

Installation as standalone application for Windows 95/98, ME, NT, 2000, XP users:

Tiffy View is available as Windows Installer (MSI) package for an automated installation/removal. It requires MSI 2.0 which is part of Windows installations by default as of Windows 2000 SP3. For earlier versions, MSI 2.0 is available at Microsoft's web site. If you want to install TIFFY View manually from the platform independent ZIP-archive, please unpack it to a directory of your choice.

To run TIFFY as a standalone application you need a Java™ virtual machine. This is usually already installed on most of the current systems. An update to the newest version of the VM is recommended, this is available e.g. from Sun (http://www.java.com, http://java.sun.com/products). Please see the download links below.

Installation as standalone application for users of non-windows operating systems:

Unpack the package from the ZIP-archive to a folder of your choice. To run TIFFY as a standalone application you need a Java™ virtual machine. http://java.sun.com and the web site of your operating system provide information about currently available VMs.

Installation on a web server for usage as applet in the internet/intranet:

TIFFY View can be used as applet from a HTML web page. This allows to include professional document management features in your intranet/internet based information system.On the client side only a Java™ capable web browser is required like Netscape Navigator (version 4.06 or higher), Microsoft Internet Explorer (version 4.01 or higher).


  • Applet in a seperate window called with multiple images (browsable):
    • Technical drawing (TIFF file with 2 pages, fax group 4 compression) with annotations (redlining)
    • 16 color bitmap (Windows BMP, uncompressed)
    • Scanned images (PNG-format, 256 colors, LZ77)
  example 1
(Codesize approx. 179KB (CAB archive) or approx. 257KB (JAR archive); approx. 11KB + 143KB + 60KB data)
  • Browsable image sequence; applet embedded in a HTML page:
  example 2
(Codesize approx. 146KB (CAB archive) or approx. 197KB (JAR archive); approx 11KB image data)
  • Fullscreen slideshow:
  example 3
  • Technical drawing (TIFF file, fax group 4 compression) with annotaions (redlining) embedded in a HTML page using JFC/Swing user interface (Java™ 2 compatible browser required, e.g. Netscape 6.x, MS IE with Sun's Java™ Plugin):
  example 4
  • Digital Imaging Web-Presentation (index, album, slideshows and movies) - produced with TIFFY View using material from a digital camera:

example 5


To download a trial version of TIFFY View please click this button:    Install and start Tiffy View directly (requires Java™ Web Start + Sun JDK/JRE 1.3 or higher)    To download a trial version of the TIFFY Developer Toolkit (for the Java™ platform) please click this button:         
Windows installer (MSI package):
Download now!

Platform independent ZIP.archive:
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   Java Web Start installer:
Web Start
   Platform independent ZIP-archive:
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Licensing / Prices (19% VAT may be added)

Single user
2 to 9 user:
10 to 24 user:
25 to 49 user:

EUR 25,-
EUR 22,- each
EUR 17,- each
EUR 14,- each

          50 to 99 user:
100 to 199 user:
200 to 499 user:
500 to 999 user:

EUR 10,- each
EUR 7,- each
EUR 6,- each
EUR 3,80 each

If you would like to register TIFFY View online on the internet after evaluation of the free trial version, you can do the registration using secure transmission with the following credit cards: VISA, Mastercard/Eurocard, American Express, Diners Club. You will receive a license key by email immediately that can be used to convert the current shareware version into a fully licensed version (without registration dialogs). Future versions can be turned into full versions as well until a major release becomes available that might require an upgrade. Tiffy View
If you already purchased Tiffy View before release 3.3 you can upgrade to version 3.3+ easily by following the online upgrade link. You will receive a new license key after your current license key is validated. In order to get the updated license key, please send your old one by eMail to info@tiffy.de or enter your current registration number in the online order form. Tiffy View

Royalty Free License:
In order to distribute your own application based on Tiffy without user dependent license fees to an unlimited number of end users you can purchase a royalty free license. You product must be a standalone application (no client-/server application) and the toolkit classes may only be delivered in compiled byte code running in the context of your application. The price of this license type is US$ 1500 / EUR 1500 (VAT will be applied to German customers and EU customers without VAT ID).

Server license:
If you want to provide Tiffy View or a customer specific development based on the Tiffy Toolkit as applet on a server to a big number of users (>200) you can purchase a server license. This license covers also multi-processor machines and clustered server infrastructures. It also covers additional machines used as development, test or consolidation servers for the productive site. The license does not cover shared environments for different customer sites running on virtual webservers on the same machine. In this case a license for each customer site is required. If you act as service provider or system integrator and purchase the license in the name of your customer, for each customer a seperate license is required. Please ask for reseller discounts in this case. The price per server license is US$ 1500 / EUR 1500 (VAT will be applied to German customers). If the server application is used only by a small number of users which have to authenticate before accessing the applet, the user based license model may be applied (see price table above).

The royalty free / server license for the TIFFY toolkit (for the Java™ platform) can be ordered online with a secure credit card transaction too. For the toolkit you can test the functionality and HTML documentation with a free evaluation version as well. After registration you will receive the license key by email. You may also request a toolkit disk sent by postal mail.

Royalty free/

<V3.3 to V3.3+
for royalty

Alternatively (for applications with only few users) the pure developer license for the toolkit is available for EUR 350 / US$ 350 and requires an additional license fee for any copy of your application based on the toolkit libraries. Please refer to the price table of TIFFY View for these additional fees.

The license information will be sent by email. If you require a disk version please add EUR 5,-/US $5.00 (EUR 3,- inside Germany) for shipping. The program is available in English and German language.

If you do not have access to the Internet, you can register via fax or postal mail.
Please send the standard order form to:

Helge Hackbarth
Hellgrund 84
D-22880 Wedel
  Tel.: +49 1803 551884338
Fax: +49 1803 551884339
email: info@tiffy.de
Internet: http://www.tiffy.de

Latest information can be found in the release notes.

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A selection of download sources for current versions of Java™ virtual machines:

  • Runtime-Environment, developer kit and Java™ plugin from Oracle (formerly Sun) (JRE/JDK) for Windows, Solaris, Linux and OS X platforms: http://www.java.com
  • Runtime-Environment and Developer Kit from IBM (JRE/JDK) with very fast JIT compiler and excellent printing quality: http://www.ibm.com/developerworks/java/jdk/
  • Runtime-Environment and Developer Kit for Apple Mac OS: http://devworld.apple.com/java/
  • Update for Microsoft's Java™ virtual machine:
    Please note that Microsoft will not provide support for it's own JVM after January 2004. Downloads can be found in alternative locations. We recommend to use Oracle's
    free Java™ Plugin for the Internet Explorer

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The Microsoft Logo and Internet Explorer are registered trademarks of Microsoft Inc. The company logo of Oracle, Sun und Java™ are registered trademarks of Oracle Inc.
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